Is Sania Mirza the most deserving sportsperson in 2015 to win the Khel Ratna Award?

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After the recent stock crashes, will Indian economy see a recession like 2009?

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Is Sheena Bora Murder case the biggest mystery ever to have hit headlines in recent times?

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Will the present ruling government bring Ibrahim Dawood back to India for trial?

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Does the government have any solution to the "One Rank One Pension" stalemate?

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Should government take legal action against the Gujajr and Patel communities for trying to disturb p

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Do you agree with the way the Census reported the growth in the Muslim population recently?

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Is Aam Admi Party staging ridiculous social media marketing by reporting dubious eve-teasing cases?

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Will you dare to stop a pack of men from teasing a girl on the street, when you are all alone?

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Should Bahubali be India's nomination to Oscar Awards this year?

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